January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Human trafficking, whether in the form of forced labor, sex trafficking, or other offenses, is an disgusting abuse of power and an extremely immoral crime that effects the safety, health, and dignity of millions of people worldwide.  During National Human Trafficking Prevention Month we will be sharing 31 days of educational posts on our Facebook page

Youth Programs

Here at Rahab Refuge Ministries, youth education and prevention is a pivotal part of the program we plan to institute in 2022.  We need to stop trafficking before it starts, thereby, eradicating future victims. Our goal is to work with teens and adolescents to develop the skills needed to recognize and avoid exploitation.  This critical part of our program is necessary because 55% of domestic minor victims of sex trafficking aged 7-11 years old are recruited through social media apps and websites*.

In 2022 we plan to make training available for 12-18 year old students who are in both Middle and High School.  Our goal is to educate youth in public and private schools, faith based youth groups, and other non-profit groups.  


Youth & Community Outreach

Rahab Refuge staff and volunteers will be hitting the streets (coming in 2022) to engage with the homeless population and immigrant communities to reach possible, and current, victims of exploitation and sex trafficking with the good news of Jesus Christ and provide them with resources for restoration.

Sex trafficking victims are often overlooked within homeless and immigrant communities. This population’s vulnerabilities place them at high risk for abuse, coercion, and exploitation.  Our planned outreach efforts will target known populations who are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking communities, youth in the criminal justice system, and homeless and/or risky youth and young adults.

Rahab Refuge Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit corporation.