The Facts

  • Human trafficking is a serious crime and violation of human rights, involving force, coercion, or fraud to exploit a person into slave labor or sexual exploitation.
  • Human trafficking can happen to people of all ages, genders, race or religions. Women are often used for sexual exploitation, while men are usually used for forced labor. Children are exploited for begging, child pornography, or child labor.

  • United States is ranked as one of the worst countries globally for human trafficking. It is estimated that 199,000 incidents occur within the United States every year.
  • In 2019, the United States had 11,500 human trafficking cases reported. (It is believed that this figure represents only 1% of actual)
  • 1/7 kids reported missing was likely caught in sex trafficking and of that 1/7, 88% were in child welfare.
  • New York is ranked as the fourth highest human trafficking state in America.
  • 65% of all confirmed victims of trafficking cases in NY were sex trafficking victims.
  • 77% of confirmed trafficking cases in NY involved adults, above the age of 18.
  • 85% of confirmed victims in NY were female survivors; more than half of the victims, 54.7% came from outside of New York City.
  • Only 3% of programming for long term aftercare housing for survivors’ is located in upstate New York.
  • There are no residential programs for adult female survivors of sex trafficking located in Madison or Oneida Counties in upstate New York.
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