HIS grace is sufficient for you!

Overwhelmed. For Rahab Refuge Ministries’ second fundraiser we believed that a golf tournament was a good option after talking to other faith based safe houses.  We were able to get a great volunteer to coordinate this event.  We consulted with golfers and other people who sponsored golf fundraisers.  Quite frankly, even thou we had a good plan, I felt overwhelmed not knowing all the ins and outs of golf.  Since this is the Lords work, I didn’t want to lose money on the event because we want to be a good steward of His resources.  Thinking of “House of Hope” and the amount of resources that are needed to undertake this task just isn’t going as fast or quick as I desire.  Once you begin to think about the reality of human sex trafficking and the number of victims, there is a danger of being overcome by the seemingly insurmountable needs. You don’t know where to begin, how to address the root causes of problems, how to make a difference. You feel small and weak. And yet you know that Scripture is clear we are to serve and seek justice for the materially poor, enslaved, and the hungry.  Learning to trust God in His work is humbling.

Grace. The good news is that we do not have to be adequate. In 2 Corinthians 12 Paul hears the Lord telling him “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” There is great comfort in knowing that weakness is no liability, that God will work out His will in us quite apart from us and yet in part through us. Just as God is at work in the lives and communities of people who are trafficked and hurting, He is at work in our broken lives. Grace abounds in our apparent weakness.

Prayer. Facing the enormity of those who are afflicted in bondage with heavy burdens, I begin in my own weakness. I confess my own inadequacy and brokenness—lack of wisdom, resources, and skills—and yet acknowledge the power of God to use finite people. Will you join me in praying for the following: wisdom establishing our programs, monthly church support, church members to get a burden to reach these precious moms and children for Jesus Christ, businesses to support this moral and social crisis, individual monthly support, community support, and lastly we are in need of a building to house survivor’s debt free.  Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and he has all of the resources we need.  We just need to pray together and watch God work through our faithful obedience.

ResultsUltimately, the 1st Rahab Golf Tournament was a great success.  The purpose of any of these fundraising events is to raise funds for the ministry, bring awareness, build relationships, glorify the Lord, do it with excellence, and ultimately reach souls for Christ with the resources He provides.  We were able to raise over $3,200 in net profit for this event; here are some photos from the day:

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