House of Hope Program Fund is $50,000 & Climbing!

Freedom Walk, September 10, 2022 in Rome, NY
Our 2nd annual Freedom Walk was a great success thanks to all of our sponsors and participants. You helped raise over $4,000 to add to our House of Hope Program Fund. These funds will be used upon opening the residential safe house to operate 1st year programing. Due to your support and efforts we are one step closer to helping survivors acquire the resources they need for healing and hope.
Benefiting House of Hope Residential Program Funding
Photos by Tiffany Carpenter (DyceMarieDesigns)
Here is an email I received recently from one of our partners trying to place a victim:

Our team received a call from a 23 year old pregnant woman wanting to escape her trafficker and desperately wanted to leave the state and find safety and restoration in a safe house. Due to the fact that there are limited qualified safe houses for pregnant women, all emergency houses we called were full. We are working  to find an option that still provides her with the wrap-around services she will need to heal. This was a nationwide search 😦

We desperately need a residential program for pregnant women, and their children, who have no safe place to go. The House of Hope residential program can not open soon enough, in my opinion, for victims who need a place of refuge, healing, and hope through love and the reconciliation of Christ! This is the sole reason why we conduct three major fund raisers a year; our Golf Tournament, our Freedom Walk, and the Festival of Trees.

Statistically, 1 in 4 women have some type of sexual abuse in their past. As I present our ministry in local churches, I find more and more women who are survivors of severe trauma and yes, trafficking!  Pastor’s, their wives and their congregation are challenged with meeting the needs of these survivors due to the overwhelming trauma, lack of specific trauma informed training and counseling, and the stigma attached to the victims which derails their recovery process. 

Please pray for our ministry, victims, survivors, funding, and a building so desperately need!
The Need!

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