Could Be Your Daughter!

Many victims of human sex trafficking are young teens, runaways, foster children and/or groomed on social media by a perpetrator with false promises to lure their potential victim. The New York State Legislature is on the precipice of legalizing prostitution. Ask yourself: how will this help those who are in forced prostitution and being trafficked? It will NOT; it will only make the bad perpetrators (traffickers) more bold, more prolific, have no criminal repercussions, and result in more victims (our children). The criminal prosecution of the perpetrators of sex trafficking and forced prostitution must remain as a criminal offense on New York State laws and be enforced! Here is a recent audio article by WNYC News with an advocate pushing for full legalization of the sex trade and that it is a viable job (this is far from the truth). This would result in the trafficker, pimp, brothel owner, and the solicitor (person buying sex from the victim) not being prosecuted. It would create more forced prostitution, trafficking, and brothels in NY due to the tremendous revenue it would generate. I do not support this type of legislation! Then you hear from an employee at Covenant House (a shelter for teens in NYC) who is advocating that these laws should NOT be decriminalized based on her first hand experience. The audio is only 7 minutes and I highly encourage you to listen to the audio and write your legislator. To me it is a no brainier; let’s protect victims and not the bad actors!

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